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Automatic Chicken Coop Door With Light Sensing



On average, more than 200,000 chickens are attacked by intruders every day.
Our electronic chicken house door is designed to use modern technology to protect your chickens from invaders!

This automated chicken coop door opener will surprise you with its waterproof feature, sturdy design, light sensor, 3 year battery life that works in all conditions, easy user interface, and most importantly, a light sensor that takes care of your chickens being safe at night and being free-range by day.

The ultimate automatic door for every chicken keeper!

Turn your chicken coop into a safe zone!

  • We are here to help you with our automated solar sensing chicken door.
  • Upgrade your chicken coop with our door that works on batteries by itself.
  • We use only high-quality batteries that are up for the job for 1 year!
  • A smooth operating system will give you freedom and stability with its waterproof and aluminum design.

Plug and Play Technology

  • It takes no more than 10 minutes to install the door (no complicated wiring or cabling).

Battery Powered

  • Minimum of 3 year battery life that works in all conditions (2xAA batteries included, you can replace them in 3 min, no need for solar cells).

Easy to Use

  • Easily programmable pushbutton. It automatically opens in the morning & closes in the evening. You can set the timer or use the integrated (LUX) Light Sensor.

Works in Extreme Weather

Automatic chicken coop door. Predator safe! Red open aluminium chicken door in nature.

Withstands High and Low Temperatures

  • The automatic chicken coop door endures high and low temperatures, and so does the battery. Because the battery is in a waterproof casing, it can be outside in the cold or warm weather, and it will run for a year.

A man pushing the test button, setting the door with timer for precise opening time, light sensor.

Easy to Install Chicken Coop Door

  • This chicken coop opener is packaged safely and comes with 6 screws, 2 x AA batteries, and an instruction manual.
    No need for exhausting assembly.

Timer Setting

  • It means that your door will work by itself when the sun is up and will go down when the sun goes down. If needed, you can set the timer for opening with the test button.

Item Dimensions LxWxH: 13.8 x 9.5 x 1.3 inches

🥰Customer Reviews

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Michelle Akins

I have updated my review since upgrading to the latest version. This version (now shipping) is excellent. You can set it to open or close the door 30, 60, or 90 minutes after sunset/sunrise using DIP switches and a knob allows you to tweak the brightness threshold. You can even choose one of three motor strength settings. The mechanism is simple, reliable, and works well. This updated version has all of the flexibility you need while still being very simple to set up.


We had a little trouble with the adjustments and when I contacted customer service to let them know, they were very responsive. I even let them know we got it to work properly, but they insisted on sending out a new controller just to be safe. We have it connected to a solar battery and it works perfectly. My chickens are happy to be out of the coop before I'm out the door in the morning and I'm happy I can go to bed before they do in the summers. Definitely recommend.


So far so good; we purchased this based on the good reviews and it arrived on time, nice packaging and most importantly was easy to install, and has been working very well for the week we’ve had it! Our run is closed in so I’m not concerned about predators opening the door; it is a thinner door and has small holes along the middle of the door which my husband would like to close but it offers some ventilation!

😁Customer Question

Q: Will this door open during the night if my motion lights comes on in the run?
A: New mode T50 have 20min averageing so will open or close if there is at least 20min of day or 20min of night if there is less than 20min of sensor light directly on the sensor, Dor will not open.T50 will work with motion light.

Q: Can predators open my Run-Chicken Automatic Coop Door and hurt my chickens?

A: No. Most common predators of chickens are very clever, but so are our Run-Chicken Automatic Coop Doors. Predators mainly attack at night and can potentially figure out how to open coop doors to gain access if they are not tightly sealed. Our Run-Chicken Automatic Coop Doors are designed to be very tightly fitted, and when installed correctly, no claw can open them up when they are closed.

Q: Will the Run-Chicken Automatic Coop Door crush my chickens?
A: There is a safety stop built in, so the door will automatically stop if it is obstructed. The door stays in position until you open the door manually with the test button and release the trapped chicken.

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